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Palm Bay Rollover Accident Attorney

Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents can be caused in several ways.  Turning too quickly on a water or oil covered highway can cause a car or SUV to flip over.  The other cause is called "tipping" which happens when a vehicle hits a low obstacle like a curb or other obstruction sideways that causes a roll over.  Although rollover accidents are rare they cause a higher percentage of serious and fatal injuries than any other type of accident.  If you or a family member have been injured or killed in a rollover accident you should speak to an experienced Palm Bay car accident lawyer at the Layman Law Firm, P.L.  Our lawyers have the experience and resources necessary to help you and your family seek justice and receive the compensation you may be entitled to from additional parties who could be found liable. 

Because most rollover accidents are single vehicle accidents, it is often assumed the driver was at least partially responsible for the incident.  Reckless driving, ignoring highway warning signs or signals or driving under the influence or alcohol or drugs can lead to such accidents.  But there can be other reasons contributing to the damage caused by a rollover accident including auto product liability issues, negligent highway repairs or signage, or other drivers whose actions prompted the rollover.  We will investigate all the circumstances of your accident to be sure every possible responsible party is brought to justice and that you and your family receive the maximum settlement possible for your injuries and losses.

Rollover Accident Lawyer in Rockledge, Port. St. John and Titusville

Rollover accidents, especially those that involve SUVs, trucks and other recreational vehicles, can sometimes be found to also involve failures in vehicle safety equipment such as door locks, seat belts and air bags that may not have functioned properly to protect the vehicle's occupants from their injuries.  You or your family may deserve to pursue auto product liability or wrongful death lawsuits in addition to seeking other insurance settlements.  Let us meet with you and advise you of all your legal options.

Contact a Palm Bay Rollover Accident Attorney to get the expert legal advice and help needed to secure the financial settlement you may be entitled to receive.

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